Simeon Sigg

Simeon Sigg
3.0 sec

3.0 sec, 2015, Audio-visual installation, Variable dimensions, Courtesy the artist

The sun is low in the sky. Light is briefly reflected by the balcony’s iron cladding through the thin branches – a fleeting moment that is seared in the memory and that you forever see in your mind’s eye.

Simeon Sigg captures that moment with a camera, edits it to form a three-second loop and, by adding a musical composition, gives it an advancing temporal sequence.
3.0 sec can be considered a perceptual study on the transient, the present moment in its audio-visual structure.

The exact repetition of the image sequence is not construed here as a copy but as a way of evoking difference. While the past inexorably accrues and confronts us with the present, we get lost in endless reflection.

“Given this continued presence of the past, our minds are unable to pass through the same state twice. However much circumstances may resemble one another, the person on whom they impact is no longer the same one as it is seized by them in a new moment in its history.”
Henri Bergson

Simeon Sigg, *1992
lives and works in Zurich